BPB-Signatur-rot-schwarz“A painting is like a punch. You have to feel it, whether it caresses or hurts you.


“To create a Painting is like a boxing match. You have to go the full distance! “

It’s not the material or technology, just the artists idea creates art.”

Der Weltclown mit der blutigen NaseArt naturally leads to conflicts. Just as in any literary work, a conflict is made visible and mastered. In the visual arts, the artist simultaneously is protagonist and antagonist, helives  the conflict and makes it visible and understandable by transformation.

“To paint is to write with colors and shapes. Poetry and painting are two sides of the same coin. I want to address people with words, colors and shapes, directly without detours.




Expo in Vienna

In November 2016 BPB had an exclusive Exposition in the KoKo Gallery. Prominent actors and collectors attended the Vernissage.

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Biennale Hamburg

BPB was selected by the jury to participate in the Biennale in Hamburg.  

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ArtExpo Barcelona

BPB was a part of ArtExpo Barcelona. The visitors were very impresst by his specific form of digital-manual painting.  

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ArtExpo Rome

Burkhard P. Bierschenck (BPB) was present with his art at the Domus Romana Gallery.  Hundreds of visitors took part in the Expo.  

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