Art goes public

Art goes public

Every artist wants to present his work to the public. But there are the galleries who operate a kind of gate-keeping with pre-selection, deciding whether an artist is worthy of exhibition or not. There are certainly differences in quality, but the selection is always extremely subjective. No matter what so-called experts say, artists can console themselves that every judgement is nibbled or even destroyed by time.

One did not have to use the condemnation of a new art at the time of the Impressionists by contemporary art critics and gallery owners to determine that there repeatedly, were misjudgements. So we have long ceased to formulate civil-art academic quality standards, now the idea dominates, the concept, the art.

A rusting bicycle in the corner is at the same moment a work of art, in which a well-known artist hangs a bra on it and declares this to be art, then a gallery exhibiting this new artwork will charge a bold Price and later is sold to a wealthy collector. Parody? I don’t criticize this, because art is free and everyone is allowed to consider something to be art and to pay for accordingly.

It may sometimes look stupid, but it is perfectly fine, because it applies to all parties. No artist needs to be accused of dilettantism, because today for everything is possible. In fact, the value of art today is increasingly determined by the price, if it’s expensive, it’s successful, so it must be valuable and vice versa. Although almost everyone knows that this is nonsense, the train of the lemmings is unstoppable. The motto can confidently be – larger, louder and more expensive, that brings you a piece of the art market cake.

What to do? Do not complain! Attack!
Set the sails and apply modern marketing. Just as in other areas of the economy, the Internet in art today plays an increasingly important role. Visible advantage of the artists, the galleries can not any more prevent the appearance of an artist and the direct sale of his paintings. So they reluctantly go with it and also put up online stores, some even refrain entirely from their expensive offices and ship their gallery completely on the internet.

Auctioneers today offer from cheap art prints up to million dollar paintings online, this is the new world. For the buyer, it is advantageous that the virtual galleries and online stores are open 24 hours, so to speak, profit from a permanent opening. The globalized marketing of art is democratized by the Internet. Artists and art lovers today can come quickly in direct con-tact, and that’s really good! Noble galleries may further play safely a significant role in the luxury league of the “Emerging Artists” However, they are losing ground to new talents who celebrate their art online.