How I paint

How I paint

Very often I’m asked  how I would create my paintings. I can answer this with pleasure – with one restriction: I will not betray my technical tricks.

With delight experts constantly refer to the craftsmanship which should be indispensable. The old masters have said this also always to the younger painters during the past centuries, only to experience that everything changes constantly. Today it’s just the same. The phalanx of the “academic” painters looks distrustfully at the growing number of autodidacts and side-beginners from the fields of architecture, marketing and product design, usage of modern technology is suspicious anyway. One could always hear the same old song. But art develops continously in the discussion between old and new.

My subjects play with historical models, I’m citing art, but my painting technology represents the 21st century. Although I call it Digital Transformational Painting, it is far more than that. Starting point mostly is one of my own photos, sometimes, however, also a drawing or collage, which I scan. Then the foto is digitally transformed – I use up to 25 different graphics and design programmes. Besides, of course I also “paint” electronically directly into the picture. I call this multi-layered modification „the transformation“, because I’m changing not only colours and forms, but also the whole meaning.

Afterwards the edges are still cut to reach the desired sector, and, finally, the real format is determinated. Then the result is transfered on canvas  I rework this canvas with the last changes quite classically with paintbrush or pencil or chalk by hand. Because the described method is partially very labour-intensive, the picturee in the end is unique.

If you ask me which label you can put on my art, I can accept “Contemporary Digital Conceptualism” as identification for art experts.