Art of T2015-11-23_21.40.33ransformation 

The living art

The Art of Transformation is the artistic result of a transitional process which runs off within a certain time period. To be alive means that our life changes constantly, it deforms, are reshaped, i.e. it is transformed. As an artist I am simultaneously a victim and culprit, passive observer and active creator. I change and am changed. As such I am always an integral part of all changes which I push and accompany actively.


is transformation.


mation for me is the basic artistic subject, no matter whether as an author or as a painter. History for me above all is action, always the person has been a culprit and the victim at the same time, and transforms boundlessly. Everything changes. To live without borders means, there are neither with mind, form and matter, nor with taste, ethics and morality any restrictions.

Art is conflict.

This naturally leads to conflicts. As well as in every literary work a conflict is made visible and is mastered, in the works of the artist, being at the same time protagonist and antagonist, he carries the conflict in himself and by transformation makes it visible, conceivable.

Art is not political correct.

Thus art can arouse enthusiasm by engaging beauty and repellent at the same time by showing brutality. Transformation makes both alternately always renewing. Life has breathed to the concept as well as the realisation of the transformations, including the intensive dealing with the history of literature and art, with philosophy and religion, with the human history in itself.



Transformation is life and life is transformation.